The blog of Brooklyn, New York based wedding photographer Craig Warga. You'll find a few fun wedding pictures here.

Blog Launch

So at long last I have a blog.  I'm going to start this out with an image my dear friend Keith Bedford took of my son Aiden when he was born. The image sums up exactly what it is that makes me want to be a photographer. Quite simply, taking one moment in time, and making a document of it for the future. Every time I look at this picture it takes me right back to that hospital room... I can remember the room, his first cries, and the glory and chaos of the moment. I don't know if I would remember it that well without this picture. Whether it's a birth, or a wedding, or a news event; photography, when done well, has a power to capture a moment in time to be preserved for the ages unlike any other medium. Video will get the whole chain of events, but it's the trained, discerning eye of the photojournalist that will find that one fraction of a second that gives you a little more than just what is in the frame.  For many years newspapers have trusted me to document current events for millions of readers, and now for a few years young couples have entrusted me to help preserve their memories. Both are a joy and an honor.

I'm not quite sure yet which way this blog will go, but I'm looking forward to the ride... and hopefully a few good new pictures to put up on it.