What Is Included in Your Standard Package?

Our basic package includes... 

-10 hours of wedding day coverage by Craig and a second photographer.

-An online "best of" slideshow of beautifully toned images within 2 weeks after wedding,

- More than 500 color corrected images posted to an online sharing/printing website within 6-8 weeks.

-An 8 1/2 x 11" proof book within 6-8 weeks.

-USB thumb drive containing digital negatives of all files.


What Style of Photos Do You Shoot?


I am a photojournalist so in a word, photojournalistic. But style is just a word. I encourage couples to look through my pictures and decide if they are for you. Working as a photojournalist has taught me to embrace many different styles of photography. From having 5 minutes to light and shoot a portrait of a celebrity, or spending a day in the operating room with transplant surgeons I have learned to make the best out of whatever situation I am given. My main goal is always to document the joy and emotion of the day, and make sure you look great doing it.

What Brought You To Wedding Photography?


Several years ago a good friend of mine asked me to photograph his wedding. I wasn't sure what I was getting into to but I wanted to help my friend out .... so I said sure! Despite my reservations,  I actually really enjoyed it. It gave me an opportunity to approach my craft in a completely different way and made me appreciate how special a responsibility it is to be asked to photograph people on what for many is the best day of their life. Being trusted to document that day, and being a part of that day, is a true joy for me.

How Do I Book You? 


Drop me an email and check my availability.  I look forward to discussing the details of your wedding day.


You Say You Don't Like To Stage Photos. Does That Mean You Don't Do Family Portraits or Formal Portraits of The Bride And Groom?


We definitely do portraits. In fact, my favorite photo from my grandparents’ wedding (which is currently hanging on my wall) is a family portrait. While the process of posing for these pictures may not seem exciting at the time, we know they’ll be priceless to you 30 years from now and we take special care to do them well. 


That said, other than family portraits and portraits of the bride,groom, and wedding party, we will not direct any photos. I believe that if I sit back and watch you and your spouse on your wedding day, the moments that will naturally unfold between the two of you are infinitely more interesting than anything I could think up or direct. 

Are You Going To Hold Onto All Our Digital Negatives And Charge Us A Fortune For Prints?


I have always found this wedding photographer practice a bit suspect and will never do this to my clients. I believe you are hiring me for the day to shoot your event, you should have access to all the images and be able to print them how you please.


Every client receives a USB drive with digital negatives of the images from their event. I offer a printing service on my website, but you are by no means bound to use that service. Having said that, I have carefully calibrated all my equipment with my printing service and am confident that you will get the absolute best results from them.